Street fighter Alpha 2 for snes


Oct 24, 2014
Super NES
How did you feel about? My first play station got stolen and as a birthday present one year my grandmother got me an snes. I got this used from funco land, and while I was happy it was available for the only system I owned, I felt cheated by the fact that all of the unlockables weren't available on this platform. I think the only thing there was to unlock was secret costumes which was super lame. The whole time I had it I was crying because I couldn't get evil Ryu
I never played Street Fighter Alpha 2 for Super Nintendo but I DID play it for the Playstation. This had to have been near the end of the Super Nintendo's lifespan because I didn't even know this was out for the SNES. I think this is the first time I saw Akuma, and the first time I saw the Raging Demon as well. Akuma was damn near unstoppable in this game, it took me hours to beat him on Story Mode with Ryu.

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