Strong Bad: Cool Game For Attractive people


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Sep 26, 2015
I love this game. It's very underrated. I have all the games downloaded to my Wii SD Card. Great game. here is the Full 1 video Let's Play of the game from Beginning to end.

Does anyone here still buy games of the Wii U's Wii virtual console Wii Shop? If you do let me know some good games that I can get. :~)
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Holy shit I forgot all about Homestar. That is a trip from the past.
Honestly, I had no idea this game existed. I am a huge fan of Strong Bad and used to spend a great deal of time visiting Homestar Runner. One of my all time favorite videos features him creating Metal music with words beginning with "De." Strong Bad always made for a funny character. I really wouldn't mind picking up my wii and playing through this game, since I had no idea it was even available on the market. Do you think it would be easy to find in the wii shop?

I haven't visited the wii shop in quite some time, but I would suggest looking into Boogerman. I have it on my wii, though I bought it years ago. It's an old classic game that I never tire of. You might enjoy it. :)
Well here is another one that I have just not even heard of, but I appreciate the little review, and the video. I have not been to the Wii Shop for a long time now, but maybe I need to take a little trip back there and see what they have to offer. I have been looking for a little off brand game to get more into. Worth a look for sure.