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Nov 14, 2015
Over The Rainbow~
Hello! I'd like to make a small suggestion :3

Shouldn't there be a ChatBox for everyone to talk in? Instead of starting a conversation on people's profiles it'd be easier if we had a chatbox! Members could all go there and talk about stuff going on in their lives and other stuff :D I mean, what's a forum without one, eh? ^_^
A chat box would be very difficult to monitor for spam. You can discuss topics unrelated to games in the Off Topic forum instead.
@crunchyg Yeah...but there aren't going to be many people spamming an inactive site. Having a chat box would increase activity a decent amount and frankly the site needs it from what I'm seeing. Also not sure what you're talking about, moderating chats isn't difficult at all unless there's like 50+ people talking in it at once.

And let's say some sort of bot got on the site and started posting links or whatever, it's worth the risk.
Banning spammers in the chat requires reading the entire chat log all the time, which is not a productive use of anyone's time. We can't allow any spam or porn links in the chat logs, because Google penalizes sites very severely for that and downgrades their rankings.
You can reset the entire chat box at your leisure with the click of a button, just do that every 24 hours (still not what you should do though)

Stuff like this is why you should have multiple mods. Wouldn't take any real effort at all if like three people were checking it throughout the day.

Even still no one is gonna be spamming porn. Maybe once in a while but you're acting like it'd be an every day thing.
@crunchyg Yeah, but there's a way you can hire a moderator for just the chatbox. I've heard of other sites doing that. Plus I might've said this in the other reply but this site isn't near as active as other sites, such as SmashBoards. SmashBoards has thousands of members online constantly, so I can see why they don't have a chatbox. But of course, you're the admin, so it's your decision. :)

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