Suggestions for removing baby oil from Nintendo DS?


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Feb 17, 2015
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Okay so here's the deal. My kiddo left one of his Nintendo DSis in my sister's car. She had a wreck in the car and the car has been gone for over a month for repairs. When she got her car back, I searched the car for his missing DS and found it in her car covered in baby oil. There is oil behind both screens, in the game slot, and on/below the buttons. It looks like it was sitting in a puddle of baby oil and smells like it too.

Is there any help for this DSi? I can try to take it apart and clean up the oil, but I am not sure how effective that will be. Suggestions please!
Tough one. Oil in electronics is always a bad thing. I would suggest trying to soak as much oil with paper towels as you possibly can before freezing the device if it doesn't work after that initial try. Just make sure soaking the oil doesn't work before the freezing & make sure to take it completely apart.
I have to agree with @JoanMcWench here, soak the oiled surfaces in paper towels or tissues. Once you try this, as well as @JoanMcWench mentioned try putting it in the freezer ( worked with one I dropped in the tub ) but you could also try using a cool setting on a hair dryer and trying to blow-dry it. It may help some but for your incident with oil...I'm not sure, just trying to be helpful. :)
Thanks @PrideKidd and @JoanMcWench !

I am also considering the alcohol approach. Not a whole lot, but just some gentle cleaning with some alcohol and cotton swabs. I don't think that there is much else to effectively pull oils from the hard to reach spots, but at the same time, I don't want to rust any metal components. Could just call it a loss and look forward to an upgrade. He is so rough on handhelds though. I am completely at a loss with what to do. I gotta buy a small enough screw driver to take it apart first though.
Yea, oil is a summa something in any electronics. I'd prefer water to oil. That's a simpler solution. :eek:
Try putting it in rice like they do with Iphones. I know it may sound strange but it has proven to work with other devices, so you may as well try it. :)

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