Super Cartridge Converter from My Arcade with Nintendo Power Cartridges


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Oct 5, 2020
Super Famicom

I don't really know if I'm posting in the right place, or if I'll even get a reply. I'm copying and pasting this in as many places as possible so I can get a reply, because I know this issue is really niche and there's probably not many people who have ever been in this situation or would even know what to do.

So I just got a game in the mail today. It was the Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Deluxe Pack, it was very expensive. Super excited. For anyone who doesn't know, Fire Emblem Thracia 776 was a game released in Japan only, initially on those Nintendo Power flash memory cartridges that could download multiple games onto that one cartridge. That version of the game is what comes with said Deluxe Pack, and is therefore the one I own now.

Now, normally I believe when you booted up the cartridge, you'd have a menu that would allow you to select which game to play. I don't know if Thracia 776 is an exception though, because the game is so huge that it takes up all of the memory slots on the cartridge. I don't really know if the menu would still come up.

The other reason why I don't know if the menu will come up: the cartridge doesn't seem to work. Whenever I boot it up, I get a black screen. Which is great, the system knows there's something there, but there's no game. I tried cleaning it, same result. I use contact cleanser with a q-tip and canned air to dry it and blow out dust.

So I'm thinking there might be something wrong with my rig. I have other Super Famicom games that I play using my official top-loader model American Super Nintendo. I use an adapter from My Arcade in order to do this, since obviously you can't play Japanese Super Famicom games on an American Super Nintendo.

If anyone doesn't know what adapter I'm talking about, here's a link: Super Cartridge Converter

Basically, I'm just kind of really confused as to why the game doesn't work. Does the My Arcade Super Famicom adapter not work with these kinds of memory cartridges? My other Super Famicom songs work perfectly well with this adapter. I also noticed that this cartridge has the extra 8 or so pin connectors. I think the only other game I own that has these extra pins is my SNES copy of Yoshi's Island. I dunno if that might have anything to do with the fact that the game doesn't work. Yoshi's Island works fine with the adaptor on though. (The adaptor is designed to work with both Super Famicom and SNES games.)

So honestly if anyone can give me any sort of lead, I'd be greatly appreciative. But who knows, maybe I just a bad cartridge. Not that I really mind that it doesn't work. I usually just play it on an emulator so I can play the game in English, and I really just bought the Deluxe Pack for all the cool stuff that came with it. But anyways... Thanks for reading, and if you replied, double thank you!!