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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
I grew up with the Double Dragon games on the NES. Out of the first trilogy, I think the second was my favorite. The first Double Dragon was great, but 3 was just way too hard to be fun. I couldn't even get out of the first stage. There were no extra lives on that game, I couldn't beat it, so I stopped playing.
Super Double Dragon is a different story. I'd really like to track down another copy of this classic. My brother and I used to play this game all the time. New dynamics were added to the fighting, the difficulty was moderately high, and I really liked how the game looked. Anyone else play Super Double Dragon? What did you think of it?
I thought SDD was a pretty fun game, there have been better fighters, but it was good. It always felt a bit clunky to me, my friend had it and I always played it at his house. I never got to play it that much.
It seems that you can't download it on the WII either. To me, that's a shame. Super Double Dragon was a great game, and I'd love to play it again. You also can't get the NES Rygar, which is an atrocity. They have a lot of good games on the Nintendo channel, but it seems to me they should have expanded their library some more.
...Wow. Double Dragon - I haven't thought of this in a coon's age. I mean that was like literally years ago. I do recall the cartoon, and a couple of action figures, and... maybe a bed set. Don't judge me. That said I would have to say game 3 was my favorite with game two coming close. I liked the fact game 3 apparently was written by someone who hated children (kind of like Sonic 2)
Ug, I hated 3 for the most part. It's funny that you mentioned the designers hated children, because as a child, I hated the game right back. They juiced up the difficulty so high I couldnt play it.
I joke to a point, but generally there are some games that you can just tell the designer either hated the audience they were working for or plain gave up on life. That is actually one of the ratings I'll give a game when reviewing it. It comes after "Not Exactly Fun" but before "Fails Forever".
I used to play this game a lot when it first came out, since i was a huge fan of the series. I do agree with others, it wasn't the best fighting game ever made, but it was loads of fun. And it wasn't to difficult either.
The difficulty (or lack there of) was actually kind of a downside to the game. If they made it a tad more difficult it would have been better. They over did the difficulty on DD3, but somewhere in between would have been perfect.
Wow, where do I start? If I wasn't busy playing Super Mario World, I would be playing Super Double Dragon back in the days. This game was so awesome, so addictive and fun. I do admit it was slightly difficult to first master, even though I usually did multi-player and played with my Mom and cousins growing up as a single child. Over time we all got badass at it, too. My favorite level was the one on the train.

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