Super Mario 3D All-Stars is out!!


Sep 15, 2020
Have any of y'all gotten your hands on it? If so whaddya think? A friend of mine has been thinking about picking up a copy and I'm hoping to be able to mooch off him to play a bit (a lot)
I’ve picked up a copy and can say that the content presented other than the three games available is a little skimpy. But by the time I’m playing these games I completely forget about that because they are all such a blast to play and look so crisp when compared to the originals. I would recommend it and it’s a real fun time.
it's funny asking people which game they are playing first outta 64 sunshine and galaxy and there's no obvious first choice
I haven’t heard a single person going for Galaxy, but that would be mine for nostalgia reasons
i can give a solid answer to this puzzle:

I think 64 is overrated, and i have beaten before.

Sunshine obviously is one of my favs, plus i made a promise to myself that when i got the Switch, the ONLY port i would ever buy is Sunshine.

I've played Galaxy, beat it and can't lie-it infuriated me in some parts.

So will i play all 3? Yeah but 64 is probably last. And I'm not concerning myself with 100% completions this time around. Im just here for the fun!
@keyboardkirby Wow, but Galaxy is great! I think Sunshine is the most popular for playing first when I ask people about their opinion. I think it's because Galaxy is more recent and 64 is played so many times for speedruns etc etc. Sunshine has some of these things in the background but is still more novel to most gamers than galaxy or 64.

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