Super Mario 3D World seems to be getting brilliant reviews!


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Nov 13, 2013
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Last I checked, it was at 93 on Metacritic - still 4 behind Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, but a very solid score nonetheless. It's good that critics are rating it so highly, since it might help to improve Wii U sales over the holidays.

How do we all feel about 3D World? It looks far better now than the initial trailer made it seem, but would you have preferred to see Galaxy 3, or another Mario game altogether?

Here's an "accolades trailer" for Super Mario 3D World.

I liked the Mario Galaxy games, but they weren't my favorite Mario games. I am, however, liking Super Mario 3D World. I liked Super Mario 3D Land, for the 3DS, as well. I'm also fond of the New Super Mario Bros. games too. Just something about that sidescrolling Mario action that I enjoy. Tho, as I've said, I like the 3D games too. Being able to run around in any direction, and have a blast doing it. Fun times.

So, for me, I'm actually glad that they went with this "3D World" game. I mean, I like the Galaxy games, and I'm sure part 3 is coming, and will be great too. But I also like new and fun things too. And this game is just that. It's new, it's fun, and it's full of surprises. Gotta love it.

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