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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
Back when I was a kid, I got this game for my birthday. Anticipation got the best of me as we were driving home. I couldn't wait to put the game into my system and play all day long. I had a birthday party that day, and for the first time, I couldn't wait for it to be over-I wanted to play bad!
When I started the game, I went into shock. I couldn't believe you could select your character! After trying out each character on level 1, I proceeded to play for the rest of the day. Man did I love this game. I played over and over again, until my parents made me go outside and play.
Looking back, I still think it's a great game, but I can objectively look at the flaws now. First, there is no power up like the flower or the feather. Each character is stuck with the abilities they have. Secondly, I think the coin system in the end of each level restricts the difficulty of the game. It's sure fun to earn extra lives with the coins, but you end up stacking up so many lives, that the game becomes too easy. What are your thoughts on the game?
I think it is the worst mario game. I never got into it, I just played it on the VC 3 years ago, and I really disliked it. For some reason it didn't appeal to me. I don't know why...
I can actually see why it wouldn't appeal to everyone. The game itself changed in format from the original, to a point where it almost didn't feel like a Mario game anymore. Super Mario 3 was definetly a much better game, and it returned to the old fashion way of playing.
It's not surprising that some people don't like SMB2, considering that it's not a real Mario game. Nintendo just plugged the Mario characters into another Japanese game, and the result was Super Mario USA (the Japanese name of Super Mario Bros 2).


The feel was definitely different from SMB and SMB3, but I still enjoyed plucking those veggies. :rolleyes:

Not to mention that Shy Guy became a really epic enemy character for years to come. :wub:
I never realized Super Mario 2 was a rip off from another game. Plucking the veggies out of the ground was pretty fun and the game had a decent assortment of enemies. It was also nice that not all bosses were the same, though a couple of them did repeat. Super Mario 3 was a better game, but it's still sometimes fun to play 2.
This was the first Mario game I ever owned (the GBA version, actually, but they're similar enough). I absolutely loved it; it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Super Mario Bros 2 was a bit odd because it was in the transition stage between the first Mario game and Super Mario World. I'm personally not all that fond of it but it's still a fine game as far as Mario games go. It begins to show some of the more advanced elements that we see later on in the series, but it doesn't get some of them quite right.
It's been about 15 years since I've played Super Mario 2 and I think it's because I remember not being a big fan of it as a kid. Super Mario 3 was awesome, I played the heck out of that game, but I never really got into Super Mario 2. Now that I'm grown up, maybe I should give it another shot to see if I understand it a little better now. It was just too awkward to me back then, it wasn't natural at all. I felt like I was trying to solve a puzzle for whatever reason which isn't what you expect from a Mario game back then

I truly got into every Mario game except that one, so I feel I need to give it another shot as an adult and see if my opinion of the game has changed or not
by far one of my favorite games. i'd like to see another one made, with Wario, Waluigi, Daisy and.. a pianta or something. i was so glad sm3dw for wii u would return the multi character choice. what a fun game it is
The multi character option was pretty cool, I admit. I also liked how the characters had their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe if they did a download version on the Wii U, they could have an option to remove the slots at the end of each level; or perhaps limit the amount of coins.
the version on Super Mario Allstars is awesome btw. it updated the graphics and sound, but kept the difficulty. i guess i love this game because it's one that i beat as a child with no help. i remember being pumped when i started finding the warps. it's funny, in SMB3dworld I'm finding myself leaning on Luigi and Toad. guess some things never change
It was sooooo weird, but when I got used to it I began to love it.
My sister and I always played with Peach, because she could float. It was great that you could choose your character :D
It was much later that I found out how this wasn't supposed to be a Mario game. I still think it was cool :)
I always loved playing as Toad because he was so fast. My cousins and I played this all the time at my grandparents house, and it got to the point where we all knew where all the warps were, and I knew exactly where all the enemy's were and could power through the levels like a boss! The funnest level to do that with Toad was the one with all the flying guys with pitchforks and I knew just where to jump and duck and slide around, and pulling up a vegetable to avoid death was so satisfying! I wonder if that's true about it being a ripoff of another game? I'll have to check that out!
I can honestly say that I didn't care for it too much. It felt somewhat strange as compared to the original Super Mario Bros. and I just didn't like it.

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