Super Mario Bros 3 Themed Map of Metro Vancouver's TransLink System


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Apr 29, 2014
Super NES
I recently stumbled upon this on another forum dedicated to regional issues within the Metro Vancouver area. It's a GIFF presenting Metro Vancouver's TransLink System (AKA the area's SkyTrain system of light rail public transit) as if it were a world in Super Mario Bros 3, recently updated with the currently-under-construction Evergreen Line! :cool:


As a Metro Vancouver resident who loved playing Super Mario Bros 3 as a young child, I definitely appreciate this! However, it does make me wish that I could simply use a Warp Whistle to call forth a tornado that rapidly whisks me back-and-forth between disparate areas of the pacific metropolis! ;)

Also, let me reassure any potential visitors about a misleading aspect of this map: you won't have to worry about people throwing hammers at you as you ride the SkyTrain! (Well, it's an extremely rare event at least!) ;)
this is amazing!
as a resident of very south Louisiana, i must say I'm quite jealous of your infrastructure
This is pretty sweet. Would be awesome if the maps on the trains actually look like this.