Super Mario Galaxy 3 on Nintendo NX

Hyrule Chicken

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Aug 25, 2015
Super NES
It's been 5 years since the last Super Mario Galaxy game, and now there's talk of Nintendo finally working on a new 3D Mario Game for the Nintendo NX! How excited are you guys about this news?

The 2D Mario games are great, but I love the 3D ever since Super Mario 64. I'm lucky enough that motion sickness has never been an issue for me.

I'm stoked to hear they're working on SMG3!
Absolutely loved that game! I am so excited, hopefully they keep all the cool features of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

3D games are great but the last SMG games were crazy, Nintendo really distinguish themselves from the rest when it comes to space and motion!
That's absolutely fantastic news. I'm a huge fan of both Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 which took the 3D platforming genre to a whole new level. These were some of my favorite games on the Wii and I'm glad to see that this series will be continuing on the NX. Perhaps Nintendo will have more surprises for us in store with the new CEO - Mr Tatsumi Kimishima.

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