Super Mario Maker = Mario Paint 2?

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Aug 25, 2015
Super NES
For those that may remember, back in the early nineties, Nintendo released a game called Mario Paint that came packaged with a mouse. It was a game where you could um, paint and create different levels and basic animation. It also had a fly swatting mini-game and a music composing part to it (you can lose hours looking for different songs in Mario Paint on YouTube, I highly suggest it). Well I learned today that some of these things made it into Super Mario Maker and that SMM was originally a sequel to Mario Paint.

I haven't played SMM yet myself, but I hear that the fly swatting game is in there, as well as similarities to the title screen (where clicking on the letters make sound and animations), the music in certain parts and the missile when you delete.
Yes, I remember Mario Paint but never purchased it. I think the prime reason for this is because I already owned a PC even back then. I was already creating art and animations on the various paint programs and image editors that were popular during that period. Therefore Mario Paint felt like a waste of money. But I guess it would've been great for folks that didn't own a PC and simply wanted to get their creative juices flowing on their Nintendo console.
I had a PC early on too, but I still got Mario Paint. Even though it was simplistic and such, it was still pretty cool to play with a licensed Nintendo animation program. :)

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