Super Mario Maker review


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Mar 25, 2016
Once upon a time, there was Mario. And Peach was in another castle.

So Mario set out to run through courses you made using the stylus.

It was a long way getting there. Along the way, he fought Bowser, who kidnapped Peach every other day, and was even in trouble by Donkey Kong, who occasionally photobombed the scene.

But this game also takes us back to a simpler time. When Ninja Turtles were anime like and I wasn't old and obese.

So Mario Maker is a game development tool / level editor system that is extremely easy to use and completely Mario themed, and courses played allow you to go back to the days of Ninja Turtles cartoons and decent Sonic games, when Mario was at his prime. Best of all, due to the amount of unique content, there is literally no end to this game. A classic Mario game that doesn't end at all.

Games covered in the level editor:

Mario Bros.
Mario Bros. 3
The much-loved Super Mario SNES
New Super Mario Bros. U

That being said, I did run into a couple of bugs in my experience, but the game is good enough, I don't care.

I do also wish that the majority of Amiibo suits actually performed some sort of action!

My score: 9.8/10