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Oct 15, 2012
Wii U
You know it's coming. I'm personally keeping my fingers crossed for Mario NX being a launch title. I don't know if you've noticed, but every Nintendo system except the Wii U has gotten its own epic, canonical Mario title (I don't consider Super Mario 3D World to be a major installment but more of a tasty multiplayer treat). All of the flagship Mario games were groundbreaking for their time. Some will argue that Sunshine wasn't so special, but I think it was a magical game.

But where can Nintendo go with Super Mario NX now? Is there any more new ground to break? Is there anything left in the world of platforming that hasn't already been done? How can they deliver a truly fresh Mario title without making it more of the same?

I was very surprised when Super Mario Galaxy came out, because it once again pioneered platforming and Nintendo proved once again their ability to innovate with Mario. So what could they do next?
I think jumping ahead with Mario might not be good idea. Cause if you are just going to wait to do another Mario for next console there will be such a large gap between big named Mario games. Let alone I doubt right now developers know exactly how to develop for a Nintendo console that is still in its infancy.

Though the thought do occur to me. Obvious I think NX will be a VR console which means bacically maybe having like gloved controlls or something and you are running around as mario, but would have to be 3rd person would feel weird otherwise. Though Metriod would be better in VR than Mario I think.
The last Mario titles have been way too linear, I'm way more of a fan of the Mario 64 and sunshine style, give me world's to explore! What happened to that whole style?
Mario Sunshine was great, but Galaxy was also fantastic and not really linear. It had a central hub with different worlds, just like Mario 64 and Sunshine.
I did like galaxy and it had some great ideas but most of it was following a set path, The galaxy two was even more so, then 3d land makes me feel like I'm just playing a dumbed down game, I did like the idea but better suited to the 3ds, felt kinda cheap for the major Mario release for the Wii U.
As long as the mario is like 64, shine or galaxy I'm good with it. But I just want a fun open world mario game again. I personally would like a another 64 game but in bowsers castle.
They are going to bring back the mascots that's for sure. They've done it with every system so far. But I wonder too where they can take him. Not much left to be discovered actually.

I just want them to release more Kart and golf games. Those were fun.

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