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What Would YOU Want to See in a Potential Super Mario Odyssey Sequel

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Dec 9, 2016
Since Super Mario Odyssey is selling REALLY Well, and is loved by both Critics and Fans alike; It wouldn't be TOO Farfetched for Nintendo to Think of making a Sequel to This Game; Especially since DLC is Unlikely as the Game Maxes out at 999 Power Moons;

What Would YOU Guys want to see in a Potential Sequel to Super Mario Odyssey

Here's What I would want to see:

Luigi( and Not Just his Clothes)
Isle Delfino(Complete with Shine Sprite shaped Power Moons and the Item Get theme from Super Mario Sunshine; as well as that Short-sleeved shirt from that Game; as well as Shadow Mario Clothes; and those Sunglasses and Shine Sprite T-Shirt)
I haven't played the first yet, but once I finish Zelda that's the next game.
But I would always enjoy additional playable characters like Luigi and Toad and Peach. Kinda like Mario 3d World on Wii U
I am thinking about getting it (the first one). It just didn't seem to fun and i didn't want to waste $60 (or however much it was) on a game that isn't fun. It doesn't sound very re-playable either.
Already Beat it. But not the Darkside of the moon yet. But I do have tons of stuff that I bought in the shops in the game. For SMO2 I would like to see Wart, The Koopa Kids, Bowser Jr. Angry Sun SMB3, Mouser, The 3 headed snake & the giant crab from SMB2, Also Birdo needs to come back. There needs to be a Giant World in there to. Wart is against King Koopa & Mario, King Koopa is against Wart & Mario. It will be a 3 way gang fight. Also it would be cool if Captain N came into the game.
@Heigw If you're willing to go back to your Wii U I'd totally recommend it. I had a blast playing it.
@MilkBone I was talking about I was thinking about getting Odyssey for the Switch 0-o
Plus the Wii U is already long gone xD If you we're talking about 3d land, I still have it for the 3ds?
@Heigw lol, sorry. I thought you were referring to my comment of Mario 3D world.

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