Super Mario Odyssey vs. Zelda Breath of the Wild

ok, but you started it!

Seriously, i played BOTW wii u first, got a Switch with Odyssey next. In the meantime, i thought to myself, "There is no WAY in hell Mario is going to be better than BOTW." Then i finished BOTW completely satisfied so i could give all my attention to Mario. Im about 25% in, and i will revisit this post when i finish, but im stunned. They are both masterpieces, but until i see all of Odyssey, i vote Zelda. To be continued...
Mario Odyssey is what HD Zelda should have been.
Breath of the Wild is what Super Mario Playstation probably would have been (except with HD graphics.)
@GunGunW Fallout>Skyrim
@Copen-08 I am both confused and intrigued.

I have Mario Odyssey but have only put about an hour into it. I have put a significant amount of time into BoTW. I will hit Mario once BoTW is finished. But I will say this, BoTW has quickly climbed to my top 10 favorite games of all time I feel it's that good. Will I feel the same about mario. Don't know yet. But Zelda has put up a high bar.
Odyssey is stellar, creative and a masterpiece in it's own right. Best 3d Mario ever. Head and shoulders above the Galaxies. I LOVE it. But I just don't have that yearning to play like i had during BOTW. Yet. Still not ready to decide though.
Breath of the Wild was frustrating for me at first because I had been away from consoles for about twenty years so it was tricky getting used to the camera views, but aside from that, it made learning fun™. I tried playing Mario Odyssey but I wasn't getting into it, at all. It just made me want to play NES Mario Games. Mario felt like it just wanted to punish me for not lining up my angles perfectly any time I wanted to jump. Can't say it's a bad game because I haven't dumped any significant amount of energy into it to truly know, but I just don't care to give it another chance. It wasn't resonating with me.
Alright, ive beaten up Bowser and seen the story ending, and wow! What a fun, awesome masterpiece. But, BOTW. Odyssey is a VERY close second.
Love botw best money I've spent on a game not had a chance to play Mario odyssey but botw is amazing it' a beautiful game and I can easily spend 4-5 hours playing it x
Super Mario Odyssey is probably the best controlling 3D platformer I have ever played. Movements are so smooth and fun to play around. I still prefer BOTW due to how insane that game design is.
To be honest, I felt that Odyssey was underwhelming. It didn't do anything that new or exciting to me and it just felt like "Oh, we have a new system, we gotta have a 3D Mario game on it". Breath of the Wild was some wind under the wings of the Zelda series that was desperately needed, and has more than likely fundamentally shaped the future of Zelda for at least a few games.

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