Super Mario Party - Should Nintendo listen?

Should Nintendo Listen?!

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Feb 4, 2020
Dear Nintendo,

Please bring more features to this game! Specifically the online mode. I have many complaints about this feature. First, you are limited to only ten minigames. This proves to get very boring after a while. Also, if I am playing online with a friend who has two or more people on their switch, their friends can't join us online. I also couldn't find a way to change the difficulty of the computers playing the online marathon with us. If these few things were to be fixed, the feature would be much more enjoyable.

To add to the online features, I think players should be able to play the board game online with friends. I personally would much rather have this feature rather than the mini game marathon. I have friends in different states and cities who I would love to play this game type online with, but unfortunately it isn't available. This makes the game less playable for me and it ends up sitting in it's case more than my switch.

Perhaps Nintendo would be willing to provide us with a patch that would add such features?! Who else agrees with me??


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