Super Mario Sunshine HD remake


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Oct 18, 2015
Do you think there's any chance of Super Mario Sunshine getting an HD remake? I hope so since it's one of my most favorite Nintendo games. I think there's a better chance of SMS getting an HD remake than a 3D, since it was originally for a home console so it should probably go on the Wii U. What do you think? Any way that there could be an HD remake for SMS?
I also think it's a fair assumption that it will get an HD version before long. I've actually never played Super Mario Sunshine so I'm definitely hoping for an HD version, same goes for Luigi's Mansion! :)
Super Mario Sunshine was excellent and I also hope to see a HD remake. Most likely, we'll see it come out on the NX which would be great. If the NX is a huge success, this will guarantee that many more people get to play this brilliant Mario game. I'm also quite surprised that there isn't more Super Mario Sunshine love out there. It's an excellent game with some truly inventive level-design, while not on par with Super Mario Galaxy, it still comes pretty close.
Yes, I agree. Super Mario Sunshine was a great game and I don't understand why so many people don't like that game. I guess because it had a few "glitches" and stuff but that doesn't seem like a very good reason to dislike it. I wish their was more love for Super Mario Sunshine too.
i just started MM for 3Ds and ill say this: ill take a Sunshine remade on either platform. they really put love into the remakes
I would like to see that happening but as long as it doesnt go realistic, that would actually make the game less mario-like for me. I think that it would be an option but I always preffer the orignal games, I dont really know why but it just feels more right. It doesnt have any reasons haha. Maybe because I played it so iknow what is missing out and what isnt? I dont know.
The obligatory end-of-summer tease from Nintendo. 😈

Last summer...
Super Mario sunshine is such a great game and honestly I don’t think that it gets enough respect.
We had galaxy 1, 2, and 3D Land, 3D World, and now Mario Odyssey, I guess he could use a vacation in Sunshine 2 🤔
Just a matter of time guys. It’s Mario’s 35th anniversary, they gotta announce it right? (Please be soon!)
I'll take Mario 64, Sunshine, two Galaxy games, and all NSMB games, thanks.
Maybe. I think we would get Odyssey 2 instead. If not, a new 3D Mario! (ex. Super Mario Adventure, Super Mario 3D Bros. etc.) Back to SMS. So, Luigi maybe? 720p? 30fps? Multiplayer Modes? Maybe even more!

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