Super Mario World 3 -What was your favourite level?

Delle LeClair

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Aug 28, 2013
Super NES
Out of all of the levels on this wonderful game, my favourite had to be the flying level. Back then we all thought these graphics were awesome, compared to whatever system we had before it. I loved this whole game in general. All of the levels were pretty cool, and really awesome to play or even just watch someone else play. It was always fun to see what the next level held, and how it was going to be different than the one before it. To this day Nintendo is still and will always be my favourite gaming system. I loved the original one the best! I still play it to this day. Go, go Mario!
I think for me it's the level where everything is bigger. It was such a dramatic change that I wasn't ready for. You play through a few levels and it's what you expect and then BOOM everything is gigantic haha

I think the thing I disliked the most about the game was how every last level was fought on a ship. I get it due to the story line, but it took some of the appeal of the game away since you always knew you'd be on a ship

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