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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
Has anyone ever gotten 100% completion in Super Mario World? No matter how many times I play and explore, I cannot get higher than 98%. Perhaps that is the maximum percentage? Maybe the last castle counts as the remaining 2%.
I have only ever gotten a 96% completion, so I am not sure. I have heard mix things from that, some people have claimed to get over 100% while others have said you can not get a full 100%. I don't really know, it took me forever just to get the 96% completion so I was pretty happy with that lol.
I've tried so many times, but I never got to 100% :(
The game is huge and it's got so much content, I just quit trying after a while.

But that doesn't affect the awesomeness of the game, it still is one of the best games I've ever played :)
It is definitely one of my favorite games to play although it has been awhile since I have played it. I have never made it very far in the game. I have the patience of a twig and basically got frustrated with it all. One day I will come back and make my best attempt at getting as far in the game as I possibly can but it might be awhile before I get to it.
Just like you guys I have never ever been able to get to %100 completion don't care how many times that I have gone through the game and being a perfectionist it is something that really bugs the living lights out of me.
Stealing this from a thread on another forum, since it explained it quite well, and I don't see any point in trying to replicate its knowledge when I would just mess it up.

"It doesn't refer to the fact that you're 96% done with the game, nor does it mean that there's 96 levels in Super Mario World. The number 96 (or any other number at the end of your file) means that you've completed 96 goals. A few examples:

Star World 5 is one level, but has two goals. The regular goal completes Star Road and clears a path to the first Star Warp and Star World 1. The secret Goal advances you to the Special World.

Star World 1 is one level, but with one goal for getting the key and advancing Star Road, and a separate and distinct goal for completing the entire level, and advancing to nowhere. In the Game Boy Advance version, pressing Select while on the map screen will bring up level statistics, with all Star World levels showing two separate goals can be achieved. This takes a little bit more thought to figure out in the SNES version, as one would assume that you would need get each Star World level's keys to raise your score on your game file, since the regular goal gets you "nowhere".

Another pair of goals to note: The Forest Ghost House has two doors, one for advancing to Forest of Illusion 4, the other for getting a 3-up moon and building a path right back to Forest of Illusion 1. Both count as goals.

Therefore, a rating of 96 is equivalent to 100% in Super Mario World. I've never heard of 108 "percent", but I doubt it's possible. If anybody really has achieved any number equal to or greater than 97 on their game file, I'd love to know how."
i got this for wii u VC well besides for the obvious reason "it's awesome" is the fact that i've never completely completed the game. I'm talking Dragon coins. isn't there a special level if i collect all my coins?

as a side note, wasn't it a shame that this wasn't included on the Super Mario Allstars Limited Edition Wii disc?

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