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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
I didn't play Super Metroid till fairly recently (about 4 years ago). Looking back, I realized what I missed! The original Metroid was one of the best NES games, and kept me busy for hours at a time. I don't remember it being very difficult, but it sure was fun.
Super Metroid took the game to a whole new level. The map was larger, the power ups were better, and the game was more difficult. I rank Super Metroid thrid or forth in the hierarchy of SNES classics. How many of you have played this game a thousand times and still love it? I downloaded it onto my WII, and it has not become any less enjoyable.
I agree, it is 5th on my list of SNES games, I love it so much! It was truly an amazing game. I bought it for the Wii u recently and am having fun playing it over again, I love having the option of off screen play.
I need to play the first one again as well. Super Metroid is just so addictive when you get involved. When Metroid entered the first person world, I believe it ruined the game. Metroid is made to be a 2D adventure B)
Yeah, I wasn't a fan of the primes. The worlds just seemed empty sometimes, and the first person view annoyed me. It is definately meant to be a 2D game, I wish that they would have kept them 2D and just upgraded graphics. I will probably play the second one soon, because I got it for free from Club Nintendo! It has been 8 years since I played M:RoS.
Part of the wonderful tension involved in playing was managing your jumps while avoiding the enemies. The primes just didn't have that feel of action to them. They became rather boring in a short time. I agree with you that they should have just offered a graphic update instead of jumping on the first person bandwagon. If it's not broke, don't fix it.
I think there was a way to transport it to 3D, but they didn't do it right at all. It made it a completely different game. I still would have preferred side scrolling, but there was a lot of ways they could have made it a better transition.
this is the exact topic that brought me to this awesome site. i recently started Super Metroid on my wii u and can't get enough. just like with the Kirby games, I'm kicking myself for letting all this time go by without even trying them. Super Metroid has consumed me, the action, the creepy vibe, i love it
So buying that domain paid off after all, if we got one good member out of it. :)
Moi? actually i saw a link on Wii U Forums. this is a better site for me because it seems to celebrate all things Nintendo from all eras, and I'm really tired of reading about all the things Nintendo DOESN'T DO. i don't care about those things, i enjoy the pure fun i have alone and with my family
I have played all Metroid games, and Super Metroid my favorite one. The first time I played the game I could not sleep or eat until I finished (well, sort of). Anyways, I still play it from time to time.
Super Metroid is an amazing game both technically and in terms of how it looks. It's one of the best games of all time.
I think I will go ahead and play Super Metroid again as soon as I get the chance. I have been playing some "modern" games, and they just don't seem to have the charm that the old SNES games do.
Super Metroid is actually my second favourite SNES game (after Chrono Trigger), which is itself my favourite console! I have fond nostalgic memories of a youth arguably misspent exploring the 16 bit iteration of the Planet Zebes, uncovering each-and-every one of its secrets! That game holds a special place in my heart! :)
The original Metroid on the NES was rather difficult for me since I was young and gaming wasn't as popular back then as it is now.

However, Super Metroid was great. I played it a lot later, so I guess I was smarter and more used to gaming (with all its puzzles, bugs, controllers etc.). I enjoyed it very much :)
Really one of my favorite SNES games, easily in my top 5 list. I played this often and had fun. I wish Nintendo just release another side scrolling Metriod game already, the fans want it and would bring this series back to form.

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