Super Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U Ranking System?


Aug 13, 2016
So, I've been playing Super Smash Bros 3Ds and Wii U since they both came out, and I've really taken into "For Glory" because it helps me test out my skills, but what I can't stand is constantly going against people who are WAY ABOVE my skill level or WAY BELOW my skill level, it makes it harder for me to learn new tricks, and harder to just get better at the game. and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way as well, so I feel like Nintendo should add a ranking system to Smash Bros, a ranking system could help people fight other players around their skill level so both players can have a fair fight, not just one dominating the other, and then if you lose lots of matches you can derank so you can regain some skill playing lower ranked players, and if someone tries to throw the match to purposely derank then they won't gain or lose any rank points, this is just an idea but I feel like this will greatly improve Smash Bros, "For Glory" mode and it will make it more enjoyable and rewarding to watch you climb up in ranks as you get better at the game.
First of all, welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy your time here. :D

Second, I can definitely help you out with this.

So, For Glory isn't a very good place to get your skills better. The majority of players there aren't that good (No offense to the people I am suggesting to. Just saying that FG is a place mainly for newer players imo.). Luckily, I have found MUCH better options for me to train and get better.

The first of these is Discord. If you do not know what Discord is, it is basically Skype and Team Speak combined into one. There are a bunch of channels (basically groups) dedicated to Smash 4. Some might be for Smash 4 in general, some for specific characters, and some even for Smash 4 mods! It is a great for if you want to learn how to play as or fight a specific character. You can look at to find some that are good for you. You can friend me on Discord if you want. :) My username is Scootch.

The second option that I wanted to talk about is Anther's Ladder. Though I definitely recommend Discord more, but you can still try Anther's out if you want. They have a rankings system on their, though it is a little bit flawed and like I said, I recommend Discord more.

I hoped this helped! As I said, you can friend me on Discord if you want and we can do some matches sometime. My Nintendo Network ID is Little_Dragon34. :D
@MrCats01 I have deleted your other thread on the same topic. Please use one thread per topic, otherwise we end up with duplicate content. Thanks.
@crunchyg i was just trying to see if I could get some more opinions on this topic because some people read one thread but don't read another, that's why I posted the same one on another thread, to see if I could get any more opinions on it

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