Super Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe plotted out in podcast form


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Mar 31, 2021
Super NES
Title says it all! I'm the co-host of a weekly podcast that has unique writers and comedians on each week to pitch us their installment in a Super Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe. Some of our guests are lifelong gamers and some have never even touched the games they're talking about! The pitches can be as serious or wacky as the guest decides, but the only rule is that anything that is pitched to us becomes canon, and we as the hosts will have to bend over backwards to make each pitch work within the context of our broader universe and build toward a Super Smash Bros. crossover.

We've just released our thirteenth episode and so far we've talked about Ocarina of Time, Star Fox, Dr. Mario, Pikmin, Wii Fit, Pokemon, Super Mario Bros, WarioWare, Sonic the Hedgehog, EarthBound, Luigi's Mansion, and Wind Waker. We've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up including F-Zero, Yoshi's Island, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so definitely check us out on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts to stay up to date!

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