Super Smash Bros. Melee Discussion


Sep 27, 2014
Wii U
Let's talk about my favorite game for the Nintendo Gamecube.

I play Falco and I love comboing with his reflector and spike. I love the fast-paced action of this game compared to the two other games in the series. Hopefully Smash 4 will take the great elements of this game and combine it with the other games in the series.

Anyone still play this great game?
occasionally. i always took to Kirby for some reason. i liked the speed of Falco.
It's been ages since I've played Super Smash Bros. Melee. Thinking about it brings back a lot of fun memories though. I played a lot of the characters but I think my favorites were Zelda (mostly because I could switch to Shiek) and I think I played a lot as Pikachu.

I can't remember because it's been so long. I think our disc was damaged, unfortunately.
At first I played with Kirby because he was my character from the first game, then I started playing as Roy. For some reason I got really used to Roy and no other character so when I ran out of steam with Roy, I went back to Kirby and have stuck with him ever since.
Man just seeing this thread really brought back some memories to me man Ire remember when me and my buddies would just play this game for hours and hours. I think that the character that I liked in the game had to be Ness. Although a lot of people may not think that he was that good I really think that he was a cool character to play with.
Ness really was a great character to play with, just a very difficult player as well. I feel like only one in every five friends playing could actually choose him and be amazing with him. Or maybe I just wasn't the great player I thought I was
I don't play Melee, but I would like to, and I have Project M! My fave character that was in Melee was Yoshi
I used to always do Pokemon only, very high Pokeballs and Pokefloats only , that was the funnest thing ever to do when me and my brother played it, I generally used all characters, I didn't know which ones to pick so I'd just go for random all the time. I am also very interested in the competitive side of things in Melee, or even Smash in general. Armada's peach is amazing, the way he plays is just so exciting as well and damn when he gets out his Young Link it's so fun to watch him. Also, you might have a different opinion on whether you like competitive or not whatever, remember, we are all fans of Smash, just some people like it more in a different way than others.
I was either Pikachu, Yoshi, or Link when playing this game. I didn't own it but my BFF did and it gave us something different to play besides Mario Party. It was pretty fun and I usually won and that is about all I remember about it.
I still play it with my boyfriend and his roommates. We play it whenever we are all home at the same time and it's a lot of fun. One thing I did enjoy about the Super Smash Brothers Melee is that it had Tournaments! That was an excellent feature which allowed everyone to play nearly all characters, but have an overall meaning of fighting one another than just to fight, you know? When BRAWL and Wii U came out, I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't any sense of the Tournament feature.

What do you think about the Tournament feature?
I still play Melee all the time with my roommates, it is still my favorite smash game by far. As for characters I typically stick to Marth and Ike, they are just so damn over powered for me. I also like pikachu but that's just cause his down b is crazy effective and easy to hit people with.
I would always play with Link or Marth. There were times when I would play with Samus or Captain Falco too. I really loved playing with those characters for the most part.
My favourite character in this game was kirby. The ability to take your oppenents signature attack was great and really shoved it in their face. Plus his triple jump was great when I was kicked off the map.
Marth, Ike, Link, and occasionally Falcon. They had such a good cast of characters, man.
I think melee is a great game. But im not looking forward to the others. I have to say that I mostly play with kirby, young link and pikachu.