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Sep 24, 2015
Game Boy Advance SP
Considering that the Super Smash Bros franchise is one of Nintendo's greatest, how long into the NX's life do you think we'll see a release of an updated version for the NX? And what features do you think it will have?
Personally, I think Super Smash Bros will release in the second year of the NX and I hope it will be even bigger than Smash 4 and include even more characters and maybe even online 16-player battles on massive maps. Those are just my wishes so I don't know. What about everyone else?
I hope it releases (Assuming there will be one) soon after the NX releases, being a Smash fanboy and all. But 16 player battles are a BAD idea. No offense, but it is hectic enough with 8.
I knew @Y0shiM0n would be all over this topic. :)

Super Smash Bros. will definitely play a part in the success of the Nintendo NX. It's one of Nintendo's strongest franchises currently, and you'd be leaving a whole lot of cash on the table if you didn't make a SSB game for the NX.

At this point though, are there any characters that aren't in these games? At this rate, we'll be able to play as that first coin block you hit from the original Super Mario Bros. ;)
Of course there'll be a SSB for the NX! Within the first year or the second.

There's a few characters that have been left out of previous games, so that could be looked into. Personally, I'd like to unlock more characters. In Melee you unlocked almost as many characters as you started with, and I thought that was pretty cool, for one it made you look into each character more.
I'd also like the Story Mode from Brawl or the Adventure Mode from Melee to return, they were great fun and weren't replaced by anything, just plain left out.

Aside from that, there's little I can think of to change or add, SSB4 is quite complete as it is. :)
I think Smash Wii U is still very young and I don't think there should be a new Smash for a while personally. I'm guessing the NX won't launch until like, 2017/2o18 and say they give it two-three years into the life span that would be enough of a gap between Smash U and NX to allow it to run it's course, IMO.
I could easily see SSB being part of the second wave of titles for the NX, but probably not in the first wave since Sm4sh is still fairly young and is one of the most popular titles for the Wii. Maybe they'll release a NX version of Sm4sh, I could see that happening too (kind of like a Twilight Princess situation).
No offense, but I would hate that. I would want them to make a whole new maybe: enhanced Smash or something with the same mechanics as Sm4sh but just improved in a lot of ways.

Don't judge me. I just thought that up on the fly! :p
Well I think it's far too early to say much on the 5th Super Smash Bros. and when it will be on the NX. The game hasn't been around too long (barely a year for the 3DS version and not even a year for Wii U) and I think we know how they like to hold games off. The NX probably won't release until around 2017 or 2018 and SSB5 probably won't come out until 2019 0r 2020. That's just what I think though. :)

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