Super Smash Bros. Racing/Kart


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May 7, 2014
I really wish Nintendo would have made something like this instead of Mario Kart 8 or at least both lol. This is too awesome of an idea to not make it! Some characters like Kirby and Captain Falcon have already been in racing games so it would be really easy to add them and I've always wanted to see Link driving some sort of vehicle lol. I think it would be awesome.
ain't it a shame that link has not been in a MK game before, like riding Epona or something? i agree
I think the best idea would be to make Mario Kart, but include all the characters from Smash Bros.
I would love to play Kart with Samus, Link or Charizarad :D

This is actually a great idea. If we could only contact Nintendo somehow and ask them to do this, it'd be awesome! :D
^ You sir are a genius. I would buy that in a heart beat. Seriously playing as Kirby in Mario Kart? I would die of happiness.

Though it would be hard because I love Daisy so much.
We could contact Nintendo but they probably wouldn't make the game -.- but there's always trying if anyone is up to writing a letter or email to them! Lol

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