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Dec 31, 2013
Minnesota :)
Do you think if Nintendo released Super Smash Bros 4, that they would make it for the 3DS. I have been searching the internet about this game and it makes it seem that they would be.

It also doesn't have a release date yet, but I am definitely excited for this!

I figured this thread needed to be created eventually.
Yes, they're making two versions.
They are supposed to be pretty much equal in all aspect too. It's going to be pretty awesome especially since there will be local crossplay between the 3ds versions and the Wii U version!
^ That's awesome. I also like how Rosalina is being added. It's always refreshing to see new characters being added into the game.
I'm more hype for MegaMan and the Villager being added. The cast is going to be really diverse this time.
The latest installment of Super Smash Brothers will be coming to the 3DS in October! The 3DS version features the same fighting mechanics as the previous games, and there will be many new characters, such as Pac-Man, and different stages.

This will be the first Super Smash Bros. game that I have ever owned, so I'm pretty excited for its release. Are you excited for Super Smash Bros. 3DS? If you are, what are you excited for the most?
I've owned Melee and Brawl, and both were really good.
I loved them so much!
I've pre-ordered Super Smash Bros for the 3ds and I can't wait to have such a precious item in my hands.
I hope you enjoy playing it :3
I have always been super excited about any super smash brothers game on any nintendo console. Honestly to me I think that they are the best games on the nintendo. So I am super excited about everything that the game will offer.
I'm very excited for Super Smash Bros 3DS. I'm a big fan for it I almost got all the series for it except for the Wii one cause I don't own it but yeah I am very excited for it been playing for a long time on my old one ^ ^
I have a love-hate relationship with Smash Bros o_O

I love the characters, the animations, everything... Except the game! I hate the game so much, it's frustrating.
Two of my best friends love the game, and we used to play it often, and I'd always lose. I guess I'm not talented for brawl games, eh...
So the demos come out next week! I already got a code from my friend and I'm downloading it right now. I haven't looked into much news about it, so I'm really excited to see what it's like.
Anyone else got a demo code?
I do believe it's being overhyped, though. Yes there is much anticipation but please, there are people selling codes for $100 on eBay and asking various people for nudes in exchange for codes.
Since you can't wait, I'm assuming you have a code too? What do you think of it so far?
The demo is so awesome! Even though there are only 5 characters (Pikachu, Villager, Megaman, Link, Mario) it's still a blast to play with computers and friends if they download them demo too. Can't wait for the full release, I really want to try Greninja.
The first smash game coming to ds is something that I think is awesome. I will definitely be buying this game as it will be interesting to see how the 3ds handles it.

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