Super Star Wars series


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Jul 9, 2013
Who remembers the Super Star Wars games for the SNES. I had all three and they were so much fun to play. i actually never beat Jedi, but I did beat A New Hope and Empire. God, I remember how hard Vader was at the end of New Hope, it took me forever to beat that game.
I never played any of the Star Wars games. What kind of games were they? Action adventure? Fighting? I formally request more data.
I'm going to lose a lot of my nerd cred saying this, but: I've never been all that fond of the Star Wars films, not even the original trilogy! I find the entire franchise to be a tad derivative and simplistic, and more importantly, incredibly overrated and overhyped.

However, I'll give the Star Wars films at least one thing: they translate into absolutely phenomenal, fantastic, and fun video games!

The Super Star Wars series were a particularly enjoyable example of arcade-esque fun! I have fond memories of blasting and light-saber-flipping my way across Tatooine and through the Death Star! In most of their levels, you selected one of the main characters and proceeded to blast, light saber slash, and/or use Force-based special powers to work your way to the monstrous boss at the end of an action-backed side-scrolling platformer. However, they also mixed it up with special vehicle passed levels in which you pilot an X-Wing, for example, and must destroy a certain number of specific targets.
Super Star Wars was absolutely amazing. Some of the best platformers and some of the best licensed games EVER.

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