Swapping an X360 4GB for a PS3?


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Jan 29, 2014
I have an X360 that has 4 GBs and I have no interest in the system. I thought that I could trade it, seeing as it is sealed in the box brand new, for a PS3 of whatever size. It was really irrelevant to me.

So, I called up Gamestop and they said regardless of the fact that it is new they will only credit it as used for $40 bucks. I thought that was crazy. No trade was accepted. I called another local spot and he also said that a trade would be out of the question. He valed the system at $75.
I don't know about all this. Why would it be that I could not trade a brand new X360 for a used working PS3? That seems like insanity.
The 360 really isn't worth that much anymore considering that the xbox one is out. Granted I think that gamestop will rip you off, but I can agree with the 75 dollar price.

Trades don't really work like that. You can't swap systems, you trade a system, get cash and use that cash to get whatever you want.
Well because Gamestop is ripoff central. They never ever give you the full price of anything you trade in there. That's why I don't and won't shop there.
At the very least, I should hope that a system that has never been played and is brand new in a box should be at least equal to a used system. Yes, Xbox One is out but so is PS4 so I mean, really? I do not understand why this would be. I get the whole 'things don't work that way systems are traded for money' argument. But I should hope that if I inform a business I would prefer to take the money they pay me and spend it in their establishment. Does this not give the money a different value to the business?
That's implying that they are a normal business. They are not, they are a freaking evil corporation that has gotten rich from trade in that give the player less and less incentive to do so each year and yet kids do it anyway because they don't know any better.
lol Your hate for Gamestop is palpable. However, I was not referring to them. I wrote them off when they quoted me that $40.

I was considering the Ma & Pop game place I frequent. I still feel like they could do better than just offering me the $75. I know I can easily sell it for a hundred to a few people but I wanted to offer them an opportunity to get the system AND the difference in my money. I just feel like it's not enough. I hate haggling.

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