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Apr 10, 2017
so I didn't think I wanted the switch, but after seeing it after it came out I realized I
Do want it. But getting ahold of it is kinda hard, I'm going on a wild goose chase trying to get it now. Anyone know of anywhere that has recently gotten a restock in the US?
Try Walmart, ask what time the trucks come in. Here the truck comes at 7am and 3pm, and I was able to pick one up at 4pm right after the truck got in. The stock level is no where as bad as the NES Classic, which is nice.
I'm still looking for a Nintendo Switch. But I blew my money on retro video games... But I'm heading to the casino tonight on my trip. And I always win at Black Jack. You just need to know how to count cards. But you have to lose on purpose sometimes to so you don't get caught.
If you can't track one down in the US, try buying one overseas. It's not region locked so you can still play games you buy locally. You'll just need to track down a charging cable, but it uses USB so they're not too hard to find.
Try Walmart, ask what time the trucks come in. Here the truck comes at 7am and 3pm, and I was able to pick one up at 4pm right after the truck got in. The stock level is no where as bad as the NES Classic, which is nice.
I got one! Called my local target and they had one left. First place to get them in my town since launch!
Nice! What games are you picking up?
At the moment, just a few demos. I spend all of it on getting the switch. I'm really trying to get a hold of Zelda. I've played every single one and can't wait to play this one!
Zelda should be available nearly everywhere now to be honest, But if you're struggling to find it where you live, why not just download it from the built in Nintendo eShop? You'd be able to play it same day then! ;)
No I'm saying I currently don't have enough for it
That's great news! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your Switch!
I'm pretty sure the Nintendo store in NYC (formerly Nintendo World) gets stock daily or at least several times a week.
I saw two in my local Best Buy a few days ago, but I passed. I just don't have enough reasons to own one right now. Once Mario, Fire Emblem and Xenoblade 2 are out, though, I will.
To be honest, I never had any problems getting hold of a Switch. (I know lot of people genuinely did though) but for a long while now I keep seeing them regularly turn up in all sorts of places (even on amazon), so tends to on;y be temporarily that they go out of availabilty, and they always come back before long.

However, there is one item for the switch that I really AM having a hard time getting hold of...
The Zelda amiibo for breath of the wild! (don't get me wrong, I've seen scalpers trying to get away with selling it for a hundred bucks, and even more in some cases), but there is absolutely no way I would ever pay that much for an amiibo, no matter how hard to get hold of it is, not even for Zelda). It's not even the greatest of all the BotW amiibos anyway, and is probably my least favorite of the set. So the scalpers can do a running longjump off a short pier if they think I'm going to buckle on that one. Will get it as soon as it's available at its proper RRP from a respectable seller, but not until. (It's not like it's a limited edition or anything like the NES Classic was, so I know this amiibo will be back in supply from Nintendo eventually). Besides, plenty more I can use in the meantime. (all the zelda amiibos have the same functionality in most games, so I'm really not missing anything I can't do without). Patience is a virtue, and I refuse to feed the scalping rascals who spoil it for everyone else. It only encourages them.
I finally found one at Target... they're still super hard to find
True, If you mean the consoles, hopefully they'll increase again in july when splatoon comes out. If you meant the amiibo, fortunately I Managed to get hold of my Zelda amiibo though from a japanese seller on amazon in the end without having to pay over the odds, so at least that bit's now sorted. Am gutted though that the three new link amiibos (skyward sword, majora's mask, and twilight princess links) which are only sold by scalpers at the moment, so I totally missed the stock on those by the time I even saw them. I'm hoping they get a stock increase once all the switch console stock comes out.

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