Switch Docking Broken?


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Hey guys, I am desperately trying to find a fix to my switch. I suspect the cheaply designed switch just failed on me, but I will try the forums see if anyone has a fix.

When docking the switch, no image is displayed on the TV but the switch gets power and is charging.

- I am using official power supply
- I am using offica HDMI

First thing I thought was broken dock so I bought 2 different sets of dock motherboard and 1 new ribbon cable but nothing worked. I even bought another complete aftermarket dock and nothing worked. I used my S10 With one of the motherboards and ribbon cable to confirm it was working. I also connect the HDMI to my monitor instead of my TV with same results.

In my opinion, some pins of the USB-C inside the switch have unsoldered but I am hopimg that'a not the case. Trying to remain a bit positive despite all.

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