Switch Lite won't boot after digitizer replacement


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Jun 15, 2023
Switch Lite
I bought a Switch lite in need of a new lens/digitizer. I have replaced a bunch of phone screens so this seems pretty straight forward. I had a working lcd so I separated and reattached that to new Digitizer.

Put everything back together and the switch won't boot. I figured I forgot a cable and took it back apart but no luck, I think I got them all.

I tried to charge (even though it was at 90% when I did the fix), have tried to reboot method of holding power for 15 seconds, release, and press power again. All with no luck.

I guessed that I screwed up my lcd screen, but I also get no sound out of the switch, speakers or headphones.

I am wondering about a battery issue, but the 3 wire clip looks and feel fine.

Any tips on this? I replaced all the switches and joy cons and everything feels and looks great, it just won't turn on lol.
Is the problem that it won't boot or that it doesn't turn on at all? I am not familiar with Switch Lite hardware. Does it have an "On" light? Is there any sign of life at all?

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