Switch memory cards

I read somewhere that a company produces a 512 gig card but it costs like $1000.00 for it.
Biggest MicroSDXC card is 256GB. Some unknown company is marketing a 512GB card, but nobody has seen hide or hair of it.
I just got a 128 micro sd card. Got it for pretty cheap and works great...I wonder when those 2tb micro sd cards are releasing:LOL:
If you buy only Nintendo games then maybe, but if you buy a lot of third party games that come out on it then even 512 and 1 TB aren't going to be enough either. Nintendo tends to make their games have small file sizes but universally across the board that's not the case.

It's really not that hard to fill 2-3 TB worth of memory on a PS4 or Xbox One.

the big thing i have tried and confirmed is you can put the system in sleep and swap out the memory cards, so if you have a case for your switch like the one i have that has spots for memory cards you can just buy a couple of the 200gb sandisk cards that are about 65$ and be fine.... i put it this way though if zelda which is a big game that im enjoying is only around 15gbs then i believe most games will be that way... remember this isnt a extreme power house, its maybe equal to the ps3 and xbox360 MAYBE so textures are lower to keep framerates up and so on. so i believe we will be sitting around 8gbs on average per game with big games like skyrim and such topping out at maybe 20.
Cool. I was wondering that about whether the SD cards would be swappable while switched on, or whether you'd have to power it down first. Sleep mode doesn't sound too bad. (as that's kinda the same for regular cartridges) Wish you could hot-swap though while it was switched on. But at least sleep mode is alot easier than how it was on the WiiU where you literally had to power down the whole console and wait for it to boot back up again. (that was for USB drives though, but still!) -USB should have technically been even easier to hot swap! (that's how it is on most other gadgets)