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Mar 25, 2016
So as you may know, since seeing the Switch presentation I have really supported the Switch. But this makes it hard...


What's apparently being said is that you need a cell phone for the simplest online multiplayer action on the Switch.

If this is being interpreted correctly, then I will really have to think hard about my decision to spend $500 total on a console.
Doesn't matter to me, though I will be unhappy if I have to pick up a $99 el cheapo mobile because it doesn't support Windows Phone
Some Street Fighter screenshots were shown showing that this probably isn't the case, that you probably just need the cell phone for voice chat.

Who knows what Reggie meant.
Kind of what I assumed he meant. Would be really stupid to do it that way, as it means kids without phones could play together, and that would be bad for ninty.
It sounds incredibly stupid, but we'll see about the details.
Hopefully they have some decent VC games. I still have my Gamecube and games for it so I will not be buying any Gamecube VC games.
Fortunately it doesn't seem like they will be making you play multiplayer via your phone. All that should still be handled buy the console. (reading through the article you initially posted, it seems to just be talking about communications in the sense of talking to other users. So I think they just mean stuff like miitomo, etc.)
either way the friend code being back is heartbreaking its the most annoying system ever and needs to die and go extinct like the Dodo bird
While I know what you mean, I do still want there to be a method of adding friends though, so I wouldn't ever want them to remove that ability completely. (but yes, I totally agree with you that the current system is quite a cumbersome process, due to both users having to add eachother's friend codes from both ends, and not necessarily knowing what their ridiculously long and easy to mistype code would be in the first pace, -even for people you know in person!) it usually requires alot of hassle making prior arrangements exchanging them beforehand, so not quite so practical in real time). Ideally it would have been better if only the inviter has to put in the code, and the other side just accepts you the other end, just like you do on skype, for example. (even better if you could send friend requests via email address rather than a friend code. That way you could invite any or all of the friends you know who also have Nintendo consoles, just be adding them via email address). It's so easy to tap in a friend code in wrong. But I do get why they do this (as if you add online friends that you don't know so well in person but you just want to play with them because they like the same games as you, you don't necessarily always want everyone knowing your email address). But having the option to do this where it gave you the choice of using either method would definitely be a good way to solve that problem. (unless you know of a better way).

Adding via username, or by tapping the mii (in game) of random online players that play the same games as you would also be a good additional method of solving the problem, and it would also be alot more secure than via the email address method in instances where you don't know people so well. ;)

If it were up to you to design the friend request system, what do you reckon would be your ideal method?
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the whole friend thing was solved back in 2005 on the orginal xbox, unique user ids and just type friends gamer name in and done, i honestly cant be at work and tell friends my friend code but i can tell them my psn and xbox gamertag with no issues at all. Problem Solved 12 years ago nintendo is just being stuborn because they are imo afraid that it would be dangerous to kids.....Nintendo needs to try and shake this idea that kids play thier system more then adults, and guess what they may actually get more adults to buy the system and games if they did this...
Totally agree. Same goes with how strict they are with what types of comments you leave in miiverse. My daughter did a funny drawing of Minda entitled "Toilet Princess", and even though that was relatively harmless, they still blocked her for that. (Even kids enjoy a bit of silly humor now and again, possibly even moreso tham the adults!) but how strict the rules are on what you're aloud to post kinda takes all the fun out of it, so is a feature neither of use that often. It's a shame really, as it could have been good, but it's things like that which kinda spoil it!

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