Switch play activity lost and not uodating


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Jul 18, 2021
I've had my switch lite for over a year now with over 350 hours on botw and 250 on MH rise. All my playtime activities remain fine until we got a switch and I transferred my user data over the new switch. Now my playtime activities does not update, and worse my non-recent playtimes have disappeared lol. My other games showed "just started 5 hours ago" etc. I'm particular about MH rise because after another 10 hours of playing play activity just won't update. I did sort my ganes "By total play time" on the home menu and my switch lite could still determine which games I played longer. I've already disconnected my user from the other switch but yeah, still nothing. Does anyone know any way to fix this lol, or would nintendo make an update about this? It's kinda a minor thing but I loved the activity log on the 3ds, and so I'd like to know my play times. Also I've downloaded the parent app for more accurate playtimes per day, but it doesn't seem to get my total. I also did the transfer user data option, but insisted on using my switch lite and eventually deleted my user on the switch.But again, sorting games by total playtime still works fine

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