Switch Problems/Issues


Staff member
Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
Decided to make a help thread because there are quite a few issues with the Switch i've heard and experienced for myself. Hopefully this helps people out, or maybe can be added to along the way

Overheating: Yeah, my fault maybe. We were playing Monopoly (docked), while trying to charge 2 other cons with the Joy Con Usb charger, plugged into the Switch itself. After 3 hours, it froze on us and was very hot. Game over

Downloads: My daughter wanted Minecraft, so we got her a DL code and put it to work. Well, while it was downloading, one of the cons was dying so we changed grip/order to use another con. This interrupted the download, showing an "X" where the progress bar was. Easy fix though, in the console settings there are choices to check for bad downloads, restart the download, etc. This worked well, but we learned not to mess with the Switch while buying a game at all.

Moisture: Read this on Twitter. A lady must live in a very dry climate, because they needed a humidifier in the living room. This fried her Switch for a couple days, i guess till it dried out. It did eventually come back on, but scared her nonetheless. Bad practice, but good to know.

Pixels: Yeah, mine came with a burnt one out the box. Oh well, i play docked 99% of time so...

Anyone else please share so we can help each other out!