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Mar 25, 2016
As a joke on the baby Mario characters, I propose Teenage Wario. The goal of the game is to get expelled from High School. But the problem is, everyone in High School loves you somehow, even the teachers. Wario must think of creative ways to try to get expelled.


Maybe at the end of the game, it won't be an educational game per se but so that it's not too dark, Teenage Mario instructs him to stay in High School and he listens.
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Its not particularly the game idea im liking, sorry to say it but, im just not to fond of the idea. Its that picture! For some reason it reminds me of super mario 64, when those monkeys would steal your hat. (Damn those monkeys! I still hate them to this day!)
That's okay!

An alternative ending could be instead of Mario telling him to stay in High School, he gets expelled and it turns out to be a dream. Then he wakes up and really tries to get expelled, but goes too far and gets arrested. The teacher calls back, "You can come back when you do your time!" as the car drives off.
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I think the Teenage Wario would be nice if it was something about bullying, and it would have a "lesson" at the end. Something along the lines of "He bullies everyone but in the end there's someone courageous enough to speak up and he gets what he deserves". Kind of cliché? I guess, but I like it. :)
I can see this one playing out, and it would be a fun little game to play. I might be biased though, because I do get called Wario at the workplace by some people who think that they are hilarious. I am tall and lanky, and apparently I walk like him, so I am now Wario. I would like to see a game with all early versions of the characters, maybe in high school like you mentioned.
You know....I always wondered why Nintendo never thought of making a teenage form of the Mario cast in general. I mean if the babies was possible, why not teens or kids even?
Nintendo is not SEGA and for once that is a good thing

There's a difference between making new characters that don't serve any purpose and making characters to serve a purpose. Every character in a Mario game has a decent role...if not atleast some role that's passable unlike in the Sonic universe where there's no reason for Big to exist in the first place.

And besides, if the babies and the adults are able to meet each other via lost in time, wouldn't it make sense to have the teenage forms as well? Granted, we don't know if it'll work but it can sure as hell expand the Mario series further and that's a good thing so long as its done properly which Nintendo can easily do if they want to.
^ Waluigi and Toadette exist so not entirely true. Also yes it's why I am glad Nintendo doesn't do this crap. Big is fine it's everything after SA series. Creme and Cheese and Silver and whatever crap that sounds and looks lke SOnic fan fiction which is....ugh....god no.

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