Dreek Lass

Mar 12, 2013
Growing up, the game Tetris was always one of my favorites. It was time consuming and if you lost, then you always wanted to start over again and arrange the blocks as fast as you could to get a better score. I loved it, and I remember spending hours on end playing it, or bugging my sister or mother about it being my turn to play ton he Gameboy, just so that I could play Tetris.

But recently I was talking to my brother in law about how much I used to enjoy playing Tetris, and he made some remark about it being a five-year-old's game or something, and I disagreed. I think that it takes quite bit of skill to pull off a high score in Tetris. A five-year-old could not have gotten some of the scores that I managed lol.

Do you think that Tetris is a childish game?
Tetris is a game for everybody. I've played it since it's original Gameboy release. Tho I've played many, many different versions over the years, on many different platforms. So many different kinds of Tetris games out there. However, the original has always been my favorite. I still play it 'til this day. And it's been out on the market (Well, at least since the Gameboy), for 24 years now. That's a long time. Of course, I've been gaming longer than that. I have some high scores on Tetris too. I also get so into the music, too. I like all of the songs, for different reasons.

Currently, I have it on my 3DS, and I still play it from time to time on there. Good times. When it comes to 5 year olds, or children in general, I say that it's an easy game to learn, which is great for children. However, it's a hard game to master on the harder levels. So there is something for everybody. It's definitely a classic that everybody should play. Even if just once.

I remember in school, a friend of mine had brought a 3D version to class one day, and installed it on the computers. It was pretty cool, as it wasn't just a regular Tetris game. Instead, it was a 3D game, where you can turn the viewing around around not only to the sides, but to a top-down view as well. So, it had the same number of spaces wide as it did deep. So you not only had to make a "line", but you had to make an entire "floor". And if you missed a piece in the middle of a given floor, it doesn't count. So that game was much tougher. Especially when the game ran at the same speed increases as the regular game. However, now you are not only trying to get the pieces to fall down vertically into place, but now, you have to change the camera angles, and fill in the sides, and back as well, in addition to doing the top-view and making sure that you fill in the center of each "floor" as well. Very intense version of the game, but very fun. Off hand, I don't remember the exact name of that game, as that was about 15 years ago. But I can look around, and see if I can find out what it was or not.

But yeah, I love Tetris. Tetris and Super Mario Land were the very 2 first games that I ever got on the Gameboy. Tetris first, as it came with the system, but I also got Super Mario Land at the same time too. Still a classis. I love that game.
I have some amazing memories attached to that game. It was one of my favorates hands down.

Found this picture, just had to share. Enjoy.
It's definitely not childish. Tetris is a game for everybody and if you really wanna get analytical about it a lot of kids definitely would not be able to get super high scores like you mentioned. Also, the picture above this post is awesome and matches Tetris perfectly.
Why would Tetris be a childish game? (Let alone one for five year olds!) Because it's simplistic? I dare say that it's ingenious in its simplicity! The rapid speed with which a newcomer--even a newcomer to video games period--can intuitively learn how to play Tetris is a major factor in its broad mass appeal! (That, and the nature of its competitive and co-operative dual player modes!)

Moreover, much like other simple video games first made in the early 1980's (e.g. the Atari 2600): ramping-up the speed from level-to-level makes game play downright additive and quite challenging at higher levels! Far too challenging for a mere child of five!

Tetris is a fantastic game that's an absolute milestone in video game history! It's perhaps the most joyous gift the Soviet Union gave the world! ;)
I take more of an issue with the spirit in which this was said then the actual content of the message. This is after all a fairly simplistic game, and even with speed it will never be especially complex. That said just because something is simple doesn't mean it is intended for kids - because kids aren't idiots.

They lack experience to context, but that doesn't mean they can't understand various concepts. One thing I have always hated was the idea that children are unintelligent just because they are lacking in height and experience.
^ I definitely agree with you. You can actually gain a lot of life experience from kids. They look at the world very simply and they often have great advice!
Tetris is certainly not a childish game. It's a puzzle game and those can pretty much be enjoyed by all ages..
Toss him a gameboy, and set the speed to 10.

Then ask if it's a game for kids.
no i remember quite well fighting the grownups for this one. not just for kids
no i remember quite well fighting the grownups for this one. not just for kids
Some of us still have to fight for the right to be allowed to play it as well.