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Mar 14, 2016
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Hey, i play this game called torn.com. It is crime based, and text based. It is not hard to get into, i have been playing for about 230 days now and havn't missed a day. It is the kind of game that you could come on, do your stuff in like 5 minutes and then go. Or you could stay and play all day. If you do decide to join use this link. http://www.torn.com/1959396
Huh! That looks like fun! I will have to check it out in the morning. :)
How does a text based mmo work? I'm confused. Does it say like "you got a sword. It is red. there are diamonds..." etc? Like is it an mmo book? I don't even read books anymore dude, I'll try it but I'm confused.
I am not sure about most other sites, but I do www.rpgdragons,org . It is a great website with lots of kind and helpful people. You should go check it out! I m Storm on there, if you want to find me. If you sign up, press the "New Members Guide" on the left side of the page to get started. Hope to see you there! :)
This isn't usually the type of game that would interest me, I have to be honest, but I'll give it a go on the OP's recommendation. I'm also not sure how a text based game would work, but I think the best way to find out would be to join up and have a look.

It doesn't cost anything to give something a try, an you never know, you might be glad you did.
It's not like your regular zork stockrolls. That would be a traditional text based. This is more of... with your mouse, accept for the chats and forums. It is the most fun out of any game i have played, if you join send me a message at Heigw. Also use the link to sign up, it is a referral link for my friend, don't have to use it, but it would be nice. :D
lol I guess I'll have to give it a shot soon. I don't have a mouse with me at the moment, in travel at the moment, just my trackpad. I'll totally use your reflink, yeah :)
There is a online text based MMO that has been running and people still playing from the 1970s. Yes 1970s. MUD
^ Is it like impossible to play without getting ganked by level 14 million triple earthwizard robot bloodmage god tier warlock werewolf incarnate dragons? I have to imagine 50 years of a game would be insane...

How was it online in the 70s?
I'd also be a bit daunted knowing that I was a newbie coming into a game that had been going for about thirty years aswell to be honest.

While I'm sure there would be some sort of protection for any new players so they could get the feel of it, you'd never be able to make your mark and be on a level playing field with the ones who had thirty years of experience!
try 40 pwarbi :p I have been playing for quite a while now with a laptop pad thing. Thanks StockRolls, thats my friends referral link though, he needs the referrals more than i do. :p
Haha, ok...40 then! You do see what I'm getting at though, and if you was a newbie to the game, would you want to know that your up against people with substantially more experience than you have without there being some sort of learning curve to protect you from being blitzed out if there within about 5 minutes, haha!

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