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Dec 23, 2013
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i'd like to hear thoughts on DLC, why we like it or don't.

i'll go first, my example is Mario Golf World Tour (3ds). this, like MK or Zelda is a no-brainer, will- buy- no -matter -what game for me. it came with a ton of stuff to, no way I could complete the game in a week or even a month. Shortly after launch, DLC was announced. New characters, new full 18 hole courses for around 15$ US. the courses didn't all launch together, it was stretched out over a few months. As of now, everything is in play, and still there is a ton of content that i will probably never finish. There are online matches and tournaments so even if you somehow did it all, you still have replay value.

Value is the point I'm trying to make. Yes a 3ds game ended up costing me 50$ US, but i didn't think twice because i love the game, and it's always adding something new. Every month, new tourneys are added and for playing them you are awarded new costumes, clubs, etc. So there is plenty incentive to replay the game, try to improve my scores, dress to the nines and all that.

So i say yes to DLC and kudos to Nintendo for catching up and listening to the players
I have to say that this depends on the game company. If it's someone like EA, I'd have to question their motivates.

Someone once said that DLC didn't mean Downloadable Content, but instead it meant Disc Locked Content, which makes better sense to me. When a company swear up and down that something isn't going to be in a game then turns around and it's "magically" fixable to do, I'd worry. Companies like to release some things out bit by bit because they either try to perfect it and needed more time or they purposefully left it out to try to get the consumer to dole out more cash for something that should have been in the game in the first place. I hate this type of practice. They think that people have money coming out of their ears when most don't. They only have so much and can give so much before giving up needs that are essential.

While I agree that some DLC is worth it; not all are honorable of charging someone for what they "claim" their DLC is worth.
I was all for DLC when the concept was introduced but these days I'm not so sure. I think plenty of game companies are nickel-and-diming their customers. To a certain extent this has ruined gaming as so many unethical methods to milk gamers out of their hard earned money, have been exploited. I think the best way to extend the life of a game is just to follow the path of the modding community on the PC. Give gamers the tools to create their own stages and allow them to share their creations for free.
New-to-me examples I'm experiencing right now:
Fantasy Life: here's a game i adore, i've put in 160 hours and still have much to do. The dlc was $9, and was worth it to me because i got more story, a new area to explore, new tools/items, and 3 new hard dungeons. so it was worth it for the fact that i love the game and still am not ready to give it up

Splatoon: here is an interesting one. the dlc is really already on the disc. every few weeks they do an "update" so we get new maps/weapons to use usually right before these Splatfests. (24 hour online battles. its like a party.) i guess its smart on Nintendo's part, as for just when you think you've done it all and are starting to lose interest, bam here's more stuff to do! And for $65, well I'm glad they don't charge for it.

Hyrule Warriors: here is a game i spent a lot on. sad to say i did buy a few costumes which i never do, and i did buy all the new maps. This is a game my daughter and i play together, so it was worth it. so we'll estimate around $90-$100 for this one. its a matter of taste, we both love it and play.

Mario Kart is another one that can just take my money. Pure fun

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