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Nov 19, 2014
Hey everyone! What's your most favorite Wii U game? I think I mentioned this in one of the earlier threads, but my favorite has to be Mario Kart 8. I think Mario Kart 8 just took the franchise to a whole different level, and it was a really enjoyable game filled with some truly great characters! (Loved Link in DLC, but some of my other favorite characters include: Shy Guy, Lemmy, Metal Mario and Lakitu. Haha I've always wanted to play as Shy Guy, I think it was a great idea for Nintendo to add him in). In general I'm a big fan of the Mario Kart series and I pretty much own all the Mario Kart games, so I guessed this post was slightly biased haha, but still I'm just being honest! The only character I wish they added was that "Skeleton Koopa" (from Super Mario Bros Wii), it would have been really fun to play as him. Also, I feel like they should add special items that only certain characters can use in the gameplay (Nintendo if your listening, this is a great idea you should consider!). Anyways, what's your favorite Wii U game? :)
Hyrule Warriors is awesome, but MK8 is my favorite. the only beef i got is why (DLC) another Mario and Peach? how about Zelda, Captain Falcon, Kirby? And please can i get a goomba?
this is a very good, very polished, fun game.
I like Mario kart right now but I think that when I get the new smash bros that Mario kart 8 would really jut have to take a bit of a back seat because this is one game that I think that I have been waiting on for a really long time.
I have a handful of games from Wii U that I'm into right now! There's, of course, Mario Kart 8. Racing with friends and family while causing bodily harm to one another, albeit real life or in the game, is ALWAYS a fun endeavor.

Next, there's Hyrule Warriors. I honestly don't get some reviewers on youtube complaining about it getting repetitive and boring after awhile. It's a beat 'em up game. How can you NOT like beat 'em up! These are the same people that played them too, mind you! I don't get them sometimes...

Then, there's Bayonetta 2, at least from the demo, this is my opinion of it: Just as fun as the first one, A LOT more intense. It killed me to fight my big puppy. :( Fluffy, why did you attack your mistress? Have I not fed you enough throughout the years? :(

Finally, there's Pikmin 3. *Cute Pikmin sounds* I fall in love with them every time. I also die a little each time one of them gets killed/eaten. You never enjoy hearing their little screams of horror. It's frightening. On a side note, my favorite ones are the blue and yellow ones. The mouth on the blue one is cutely formed and the yellow one is just completely chilled of all the pikmin.
I'm going to have to go with Lego city Undercover.There are a lot of other good games on Wii U, but this is the only exclusive that I really like.
There's also Wonderful 101.It's a pretty great game and the boss battles are especially epic.
You made this thread the day Smash 4 Wii U released, which is my fave Wii U game!:D

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