The Best Games on the GameCube


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May 7, 2014
This is my personal top five GameCube games of all time!

1. Super Smash Bros. Melee - Don't even know how many hours I put into this game lol.
2. Paper Mario - Love all of them
3. Pikmin - Love all of them again
4. Soul Calibur 2 - Link is awesome!
5. Luigi's Mansion - Love the sequel as well!

Post your own list!
So, It has come to my attention that after many years of being a proud Gamecube owner, I only have two games: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Animal Crossing. It's sad, I know. Can anyone help this poor unfortunate soul? I'm huge on games like Zelda where you roam around a fantastical world, fighting bad guys, saving people, and being badgered by magical friends all while upgrading your gear. Also, I love games where I can customize my own character. Also, I love skateboarding games. If you have any ideas, PLEASE reply! Thanks much! As Tom Nook would say.
Mario Party! any of them that came on the gamecube is a must have! Also the Super Smash Bros Melee is a must. It's super fun and awesome. I also recommend Mario Kart Double Dash as well. I will leave it at that though because I know many other people will recommend a lot more games.
My brother already owns Melee and Double Dash and says I can borrow them whenever I want to so that's a check. I don't know what he's holding onto, considering he does not own a Gamecube xD I probably should have mentioned that. But no please! Feel free to recommend more, iceskater! I want to look into as many as possible!
Agreed, Mario Parties, Zelda : Four Wwords was cool, Xmen legends 1 and 2. Maybe Eternal Darkness, if you like horror stuff. Mario Golf, Mario Baseball, Mario Soccer, Wind Waker.

The only reason WW beat DD is because of my Zelda tattoos. other than that, DD is tons of fun still.
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Luigi's Mansion
Super Monkey Ball
Wave Race: Blue Storm
Super Smash Bros Melee
Resident Evil (remake)
Resident Evil 4
Chibi Robo
Donkey Konga
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
F-Zero GX
Viewtiful Joe

There are also a lot of non-exclusive games that I skipped because they are also on Xbox and PS2, but they're great.
In my humble opinion, (no order) Resident Evil 4, Tales of Symphonia, Phantasy Star Online Episodes l & ll, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Luigi's Mansion, and Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door. Maybe Shadow the Hedgehog. These are some of the greatest games I've ever played, and I'm so thankful that the Gamecube brought them to me. Do you agree? What are your favorites?
being a huge wrestling fan, Paper Mario's Rawk Hawk section really got me, but pound for pound, most fun time had with the most people will be Double Dash for me
1. SSB Melee
2. Double Dash
3. Star Fox Adventures
4. Wind Waker
5. Star Fox: Assault (which I'm getting again from Amazon)
The Star Wars: Rogue Squadron games are always great if you like that sort of thing. The GameCube versions were never ported so the only place to play them is gamecube!
I think there was a Tony Hawk game for GC......I forgot.
You could try Need for Speed Underground, U2, or Carbon (you'd be customizing cars if you're into it).
For an adventure game, all aforementioned ones and my personal (and obvious) suggestion of Star Fox Adventures.
The only game in the series that doesn't involve shooting interplanetary enemies to a huge extent.
Aside from the awesome games already listed, I highly recommend Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance! For those unfamiliar with the Fire Emblem series, it's a tactical/strategy role-playing game where you move units on a grid-based map. If you have a strategic mind you're sure to love this game! The Gamecube version is definitely one of my favourites in the entire series.
If you have not picked up Chibi Robo-although you'll have a hard time finding it I must admit-you're missing out on one of the best games of that gen. Don't let the cutesy wutesy looks fool you. That game is dark
I would suggest giving Tales of Symphonia a shot, especially if you like fighting enemies and exploring a vast world. It's a JRPG with, in my opinion, an engaging story and interesting dungeons.
I haven't played enough Gamecube games, but Wind Waker is definitely the best one I've played. I liked having to explore the wide ocean and all the islands and submarines located on it.

Super Mario Sunshine was the second best Gamecube game I enjoyed.
I'll have to agree, Windwaker is most definitely my favorite game of the Gamecube. I have spent the most of my time playing windwaker, well and Mario Party but I only played Mario Party when my friend's were over. All the other time I spent playing Windwaker. It awakened me to the beauty of the Zelda games.
Although the best game was the Zelda expansion pack that they included with the console, I believe the best game was Pokemon Colosseum. During that time, I was heavily into Pokemon and that game was a wonderful new perspective of Pokemon. My brother and I would play that game like no one's business day in and day out! And obviously, the other best game was Super Smash Brothers Melee!

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