The Brook Mars controller is better then the 8Bitdo Pro lines, but not as fun


So I got the Brook Mars controller a few days ago, and it's really good so far.

It really does have no problems lagging on PS4, or PC (haven't tried with Switch yet, but it will probably be lagless there too). It's got a form kind of like the Wii U or Switch Pro controller, and some cool alternative dpads too (There is a old style + one as well), but using the controller just isn't "fun" to me.

I have the 8Bitdo NES30 Pro, and for all its faults I love it. It only works on Android, Switch, and PC (XInput - which is awesome!) and it's no too good for FPS games, but using it is fun. Like I've got a SNES controller I can use for current gen games.

I think this is nostalgia, so it probably doesn't matter, and if that is true for you then you should buy the Brook Mars, but I wanted to post this somewhere, and get some feedback, so I did, lol.