The End of 3DS After Nearly 10 Years


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May 25, 2020
Nintendo has discontinued its 3DS handheld after about 76 million sales over a nine-and-a-half year period.
A notice on the Japanese firm's site says "manufacturing of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems has ended".
-bbc news

time to buy a nintendo switch if you haven't already. The Nintendo Switch Lite is the successor to the 3DS - for now
is this the end of nintendo's dedicated handheld system's? We have the hybrid Switch/Switch Lite and then Nintendo mobile game
probably see more future systems like nintendo switch which plug into the tv with dock station
wow i was 30 when it came out! well for me, it has the best library ever. I'd pick a game on a whimsy (Fantasy Life, Yokai Watch,) and know it would be a blast. Any RPG was great. The Mario's the Zelda's all great. I wish it would never end.
Wow, nearly ten years ago. And don't forget about the Nintendo DSi!
@DefeatedAsh859 Yeah, it was a good one. I thought the 3d screens turned out to be more of a gimmick than gameplay improvement, but basic things like a slide pad and better graphics made the 3ds really good. First portable that had a 3D mario experience.
even today its still one of the most fun i've had in gaming.

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