The english version of Dragon Quest 7 is coming out soon. Who's getting it?


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Aug 29, 2016
One of the big guns of role playing game franchises is finally releasing the localization of Dragon Quest 7!

I hate the fact that we always get the short end of the stick when it comes to Dragon Quest. Localization would only happened after months after the release of a game in Japan, that is, if we are lucky. A lot of Dragon Quest games is not even localized till this day, which is a shame, because it's a great game series.

I just hope the upcoming game, Dragon Quest 11 will be localized in English faster this time.
I used to play Dragon Quest games back them when these first came out, I did not really understand too much since there was not much to understand, however, I definitely would buy the new verstion, it would be such a nice thing to play it again on an understandable way.
I been wanting it since it was announced for Japan and lost all interest in 3DS until my begging worked. So obviously I am getting it. I am a big DQ fan.
I got all the Zenithia trilogy on the Nintendo DS. Out of Dragon Quest 4,5, and 6, I enjoyed 4 the most because it's the first one with an option to select the gender of the protagonist and the party interactions between the members were the most memorable of them all. Meena constantly trying to keep Maya in check, Borya and Kiryl getting dragged with Alena impulsiveness, and Torneko that is surprisingly fun to play with.

5 has a great story spanning two generations(Well, three if you count the protagonist's father), but the party members were limited to the family members and potential love interests for the protagonist. I find it out odd how Bianca and Nera knows magic despite being normal civilian and they offer no backstory to expand on it. But the monster collecting concept is neat.

6 is a hit or miss for me. I like the gameplay, the story, but the party members were not memorable enough for me. The interaction and chemistry between the main characters are not developed enough, which is a shame, because if they got this covered this could be the best in the trilogy for me.
Here's a gameplay video to quench our thirst before the game is released:

By the way, how were you guys introduced to the Dragon Quest franchise? Which one of the installments do you considered the best, or the one you considered your favourite? How many Dragon Quest games have you guys played?

Also, since DQ7 is coming out soon, do you play the original version on the PS1 t0 refresh your memory before the remake is released?

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