The Future of Nintendo's Home Console

Mr. Purple

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Mar 5, 2015
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What do you think Nintendo's Next home console will be?

Some think it will be a handheld console hybrid that you can stream to your tv via a rook-esque device. Some think they will make a comeback catering to true core gamers and 3rd party developers. There are even people speculating that the Wii U will be their last home console and that they should drop out and become a software company only.

Well I think one thing is for sure. They will reinvent themselves like they always do.

Lets look at trends. What is the trend with each and every home console Nintendo releases? A new way of playing video games. Specifically focused on the consoles controller. So you can expect a new way to play.

what do you hope to see?
Nintendo, dropping out of home consoles? BWHAHAHA!!! No... I feel they will reinvent themselves.

As technology advances, new gaming consoles will always be on the rise. Yes I do feel that Nintendo has the best selection when it comes to handheld gaming and games but that is simply just another win for them. Nintendo (as others have mentioned in other threads) has been setting the standards as far as gaming goes for years, even the Wii with the motion sensor technology was another standard set by Nintendo. Besides, Nintendo has classic games that kids will continue to play for decades. Each new generation of gamers will call for a new version of these "classic" games. I for one enjoy playing them, as well as keeping old games and consoles to allow my son to see how technology has advanced.

I personally believe that their next gaming console will be EPIC! Not sure what it will have in store for us as far as features go, but I personally love how Nintendo has kept their consoles game based, and not identical to a PC.
Isn't this basically the same thread topic as "What is the next step for Nintendo?"?

Also you need to realize outside of improving graphics, memory, and RAM there isn't much more a console can do. You can say VR but the consoles now are trying to do it while keeping their same one. The next consoles I think will be completely underwhelming cause they will just be like "NEW GRAPHICS CARD AND MORE LIKE A PC" basically how they are now.
Isn't this basically the same thread topic as "What is the next step for Nintendo?"?

lol Just a smidge different with the wording I think. However, I'm pretty sure there's more than two topics like this one. As I mentioned, Nintendo has nothing but potential. It's really up to them to put it to use.
Nintendo may expand into other markets like making simple, time-waster games for smart phones, but I highly doubt that Nintendo will abandon making their own home consoles any time soon! Sales for the Nintendo Wii U could be better, but those sales are nowhere near as bad as that, their console immediately prior to the Wii U, the Wii, was a gargantuan success exceeding expectations, and the Nintendo brand for home consoles is still very strong! Just look at Sega, they suffered through a lengthy series of disappointing failures before abandoning marking their own home consoles altogether!

As for what the next Nintendo home console shall be... I honestly don't know. Improvements in graphics, sound, RAM, etc are inevitable--but I would also imagine that they would try to incorporate some novelty to make the system truly stand out, just as they did with the Nintendo Wii and its revolutionary motion control! Moreover, unlike Sega's and Atari's later history of rushed systems, Nintendo will likely continue to take the time needed to make sure that their console is complete and ready for the market before releasing it. Such tactics may keep Nintendo behind some of their competitors (e.g. the SNES versus the Sega Genesis), but it tends to pay off in the long run and keep their brand strong--again, contrasting Nintendo's history to Sega's history.

I would love to see something a kin to a Nintendo version of the Oculus Rift with controllers in the style of the (re-vamped, fully and properly functional) Power Glove! However, the spectre of the Virtual Boy's failure still looms strongly enough to discourage Nintendo for trying their hand at virtual reality again!

A tablet-esque controller was supposed to have been a plus for the Nintendo Wii U--but I honestly thought that it may have actually discouraged people given the inevitable high cost of replacement controllers. (I honestly don't see the advantage of a second screen as well.) I can see Nintendo abandoning such a controller, but not home consoles altogether!
Well, we already know a little about the NX. It's rumored that it won't have an optical drive, which means that games will only be available via digital download. That's not entirely a good thing, as I'm sure many Nintendo fans would prefer to own physical copies of their favorite games. It's also rumored that the system will be weaker than the PS4 which is news that hasn't been received positively by the gaming community. I guess, time will tell if Nintendo's upcoming console will truly be a great one.