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Jun 20, 2013
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In the world of Eluasia, residents of the Golden City enjoy their free days watching deathmatches in the Golden Arena. Here, mages, assassins, knights, and more come to fight their way to glory and fame. In the past it has only been open to humans, but recently, things have changed. Due to no human daring to take down the Golden Champion, Theodore Schmai, the chaiman of the Arena, Delitoph Muro, has now opened the Golden Arena to anyone from anywhere.

If you wish to sign up to fight your way to eternal glory, you must abide by these rules:
1. No gods, immortals, or demons are allowed to participate in the Golden Arena. (Don't create an OP character)
2. Only two physical weapons are allowed per participant in the Arena.
3. If you are fighting, do not take naps. (Please respond Daily if you are currently in a fight, MINIMUM)
4. Two participants are allowed under each master hand. (You may create 2 participants, you are free to create one directly after anothers death)
5. In order to fight the Golden Champion, you must have won 3 times in the Golden Arena, and you must PM Delitoph Muro (PM BK)
6. All participants are required to fill out this registration form:








Weapon(s) (0 Min, 2 Max)


Special Abilities:


Name: Theodore Schmai

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Location: From the Golden City

Description: 8'8" Wheres golden armor with a ruby helmet, with diamonds dust covering the Armor. Very deep voice, loves to kill people.

Weapons: Dual diamond Axes

Magic: Shoots blasts of fire from his hands, also can shoot lightning from his hands.

Special Abilities: Can see a few seconds into the future.


If you have any questions concerning the Roleplay, please PM me, if you have a comment to place inside the roleplay that breaks immersion [please place it in brackets like this]. Have fun!! Once I have two characters from different people, I will initiate the first match!
Name: Chael Takahisa

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Hylian

Location: Hyrule

Description: White Hair, pale skin, red eyes, short

Weapon(s) (0 Min, 2 Max): Scythe and Saber

Magic: Fire

Special Abilities: Alchemy

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