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Aug 25, 2015
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If there's one thing that sets the Legend of Zelda series apart, it's the items! I looooooove collecting items in Zelda games, especially when you got a new item in a level and got to use it to beat that level. The hook shot?! This item was AWESOME. Or how about the boomerang? Just brilliant.

What's your favourite Legend of Zelda item?
id like to have a hookshot for real. i could be Batman. or how bout a real cuckoo , so i could climb on my house then float over the fence?
For me it would have to be the boomerang. It was pretty cool when you got it. Another one would have to be the candle in the first game. It was a necessity to find all the hidden gems. Burning down one bush at a time.
Double Clawshot.

The Hookshot is already awesome, but what's better than that? The Longshot. Better than that, the Clawshot. How could that possibly get better? DOUBLE CLAWSHOT! It turns Link into Spider-Link! XD
Hahaha, I love the way you think @2MooglesGaming, you could even argue that it went Boomerang > Hookshot > Longshot > Clawshot > Double Clawshot... lol.

Next? Probably some kind of Doc Octopus (from Spider-Man fame) contraption!
Yeah that's a good idea, you should be able to steal and morph with your enemies powers when you defeat them, that would be a cool spin on it. :)
The classic items The Master Sword, his Hyrulian Shield and the OCARINA!!!!!! These would be my go to items and due to the fact that i like music i would end up expanding on upon the already large selection of songs and create more, new or even more powerful songs/spells because with the elements in music the possiblities are endless!!
I really enjoyed collecting the masks on Majora's Mask, but I suppose that's hardly iconic of the series.
I guess others that stand out to me are the Mirror Shield and the Bow. The latter is ever-present and always a blessing, be it to progress through puzzles or to save the distance dispatching enemies. Also, the concept of elemental arrows added a very nice twist to it, I thought!
I like how everyone is commenting on the hookshot and boomerang, both of those items are pretty awesome. I remember when I was little playing Ocarina of Time and you upgrade from the wooden shield to metal shield, I always thought that was pretty cool. I would also window shop all the items I couldn't buy yet and make a mental note to pick them up as soon as I could. Another mundane item but important none the less was a bigger purse to hold more Rupees! The different armors where also pretty cool, you could switch up the look on Link not to mention their benefits for each temple quest.

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