The lack of a good 3DS Store


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Mar 20, 2013
I can't believe that still after soo many years of the 3DS Shop being around that there are still NO GOOD GAMES!
I am really annoyed at the fact that there are no GBA games to download on the store or none of the classic Pokemon games either!
Not to mention the ridiculous price of the downloadable 3DS games. The convinence of downloading a game is not worth more than a physical boxed and tangible product so why do the download versions cost so much when they cost less to manufacture?

In my opnion the 3DS store is a massive joke and nintendo should be ashamed of themselves for the utter crap they put out on it.

They need to look at microsofts XBOX store and take a leaf...No a Whole trunk out of their book to understand what on demand content should look like.

This is a pretty good rant. It's really hard for anyone with an ounce of logic to understand what Nintendo is doing with online connectivity, period, let alone digital distribution. For a while they were afraid of getting into online gaming to protect their younger audience and claimed people didn't want to play online. Then they used an awful friend code system that everyone hated and sort of started to improve a little, but even now in 2013, Nintendo's online strategy is years behind competition.

I suspect Nintendo just doesn't have the talent that can build a competitive online infrastructure for them, and the leadership refuses to acknowledge the problem and hire competent people in this area. Iwata made a few good bets that paid off for Nintendo, but I am not confident in his ability to continue to push the company forward.
Glad other people are realizing this too. Except with the occasional deal that might get you a free game the store is pretty pathetic. It requires an update all the time and most of the games on it suck. Who would buy it online when you can get a cartdrige?

Also they really didn't put any good classic games on it, how about an old kid icarus. Sure that wasn't on a handheld but that would be pretty darn cool. Their Wii Shop was pretty good, but went down with the 3DS.
Some very good points. They need to have more day-one downloads for new 3DS games but also expand on their 'classic' catalog. Better games. I would love Pokemon Blue on my 3DS and I would also enjoy GBA game ports like LTTP and Breath of Fire, to name a few. :)
The prices of legacy titles has been a source of contention for me ever since the concept of the virtual console first appeared. Nintendo really hobbled sales of these titles by pricing them much too high. Unfortunately, they've continued this practice into the 3DS, and it's a move I find even more shocking since the handheld has had disappointing sales and a noted lack of killer apps. It's a tircky thing to try and pin down, too, because I think there's still interest in the product. Sales aren't stellar but they're not a dismal failure either. There simply seems to be a lack of focus on the corporate level in terms of pushing high quality software development in thrid parties who are curently abandoning non-standard formats due to a video market that is likely on the verge of a mini recession. Given that the 3DS competes (supposedly) with the mobile market, this lack of motivation becomes even more perplexing. I'm holding off final judgement, but I want to see a strong 3DS showing at E3 or I think we may see the little 3d handheld begin a rapid decline.
'Rapid decline', is what I think we are going to see indeed. My use of the 3DS at home has definitly, rapidly declined, I'll tell you that!
Its just become a little depressing to never see anything decent on that store.

It wasn't until BTCGuru81 mentioned that the 3DS was competing for the 'mobile market' too that it clicked how bad the lack of a substantial 3DS was letting the Nintendo brand down and plunging the 3DS into disuse.
What bothers me isn't so much the 'store' content. They do need more classics though from the SNES era more then from gameboy and older handhelds, that being said, I'm disappointed with the lack of retail games being released. I've purchased ONE 3DS game this year so far and that was Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (fantastic game btw) aside from that, I have a feeling my 3DS will go another year without any new games to play on it aside from the one I purchased last month.
You are right 'smokey'. I have been looking on the store for a Pokemon red or blue since I bought the 3ds two years ago... Still nothing :(

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