The Legend of Zelda Animated


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Apr 22, 2015
Hello! I'm new here, and I want to share some art I did based on the Zelda games!

¿Wouldn't it be awesome? I know there is an old series, but I'm talking here about a new series with all the new characters, stories and places! I think it would be awesome!


If you want a closer look at them, here's my deviantart:
Amazing work. Thanks for sharing it here.
oh wow, they are all awesome, but Impa is fantastic! good work
That's cool. How many years did it take to get to that level of artistry? I would imagine over 10 years of solid drawing would be enough to scratch the surface.
Love the facial expressions. The style kind of reminds of of Naruto, no?
Gorgeous! And vastly superior to the animation of the actual Legend of Zelda cartoons from The Super Mario Bros Super Show! Kudos! :cool:
Those are awesome, and kills me a little why Nintendo hasn't pursed a anime version of Zelda. I don't know about a live tv series, but I do feel this series along with Metriod needs some anime love.

I hope you do more of these.

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